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    Unhappy HTC Wildfire S Problem

    Hello guys, I just bought my android phone: The HTC Wildfire S. I like it. All the features are good. The guy at the shop from where I bought it said that my phone would stay 1 day without charging. But now its worse. The charge goes very fast. One day I charged my phone in the morning. It was a holiday so I didn't have much calls(any calls!). Then by noon the whole charge went and I had to charge again. So this is my case. I dont know what happened. Please help me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Buy a different battery for your Wildfire S the stock batterys that come with the HTC's are all rubbish, you can even get an extended battery with extended back cover for the HTC Wildfire S

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    Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS when not needed. Turn the sceen brightness town whendoors and turn the screen off whhen not in use.

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    Kill the tasks from background which not required, adjust the Brightness to minimum, will also save the battery flushing.

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