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    [FREE][GAME] Galaxy Conquest II: Space Wars

    Hi guys,
    We would like to introduce our new game -- Space Wars
    Here's its page on Google Play:*

    Features -*
    -Train unique troops and commander, and fortify your base with heavy cannon, missile, artillery and other defenses!
    -Appropriately conduct your Commander to fight on the battlefield!
    -Strategically deploy powerful ground forces and air units!
    -Strengthen your forces with variety of equipments!
    -Explore the endless sky, lots of treasures are waiting for you!
    -Improve your commander, rare Mecha will bring you unprecedented power and exhilaration!
    -Build strong legion with friends and other players!
    -Battle with thousands of other players, raid their bases and enjoy the spoils of war!

    -----Any problem or suggestions? Wed love to hear your voice: -----


    Hope you like it.

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    hi, there. Here is a good news! For the next few days, I will keep updating useful information about Galaxy Conquest II, including some start guides for the beginners and games strategies. Hope you can enjoy it!

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    This is our video on youtube:
    hope you like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by danyjerry53 View Post
    This is our video on youtube:
    hope you like it!
    Your videos is great i like the graphics will try to download it on my tablet when i got home. And hope my kids will love it cause they are the one using the tablet always.

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    Video was amazing and helpful too. Let me try playing it and appreciate your work indeed.

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