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    Hi I recently installed androidlost on my samsung galaxy s2. Has anyone else used this app?

    I can use it to send a message to my phone. That works. There is also the ability to send the location of the phone to your email add:

    "Click the button and the phone will send the location to your email account. If gps fix is not found in 60 seconds or gps is disabled, network location will be sent. If both GPS and network are disabled the last known location will be sent."

    I didn't receive an email and the summary on the website has my email address as correct. Just wondering whether anyone else had the same experience?

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    update: I read the "to do" list and there are some worrying security features. I have deinstalled pending a more secure release

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    download antivirus pro its a tank full of all the features as it is paid app read my other psts to know how to get every paid app for free

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