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    Blocks Modular Smartwatch-In-The-Making Will Run On Android

    U.K. hardware startup Blocks Wearables, which is in the process of building a modular smartwatch — shown off in concept-form in this teaser video last fall, and originally inspired by Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone — has confirmed the device will run on a modified version of Android Lollipop, rather than the Google Wear platform.

    Also today the team has revealed the device’s core module will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset, with peripheral modules using ultra-low-power ARM processors.

    The basic idea is to build a customizable smartwatch which allows the owner to choose the individual modules that make up the bracelet to tailor its functionality. (Such as adding in additional battery capacity, or selecting a heart rate monitor for fitness tracking.) The first core module (aka the watch face unit) will be a circular color touchscreen unit.

    Blocks is also partnering with U.K. luxury menswear jewelry brand Tateossian to offer further user customization on the design side — via a range of colored/textured shells to jazz up the look and feel of individual module.

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    Your link is broken try to update it. Btw i am planning for SmartWatch online but i have a low budget any brand of model would you recommend i have Samsung Galaxy S5 what smartwatch be good for it.

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    For the Samsung gear S or S2 would be the best option. But you would be able to use Modular smart watch on your Samsung phone too. Here is a link of article on modular smart watch

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