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    how to download books from sd card on tablet

    Hi! I just got an Asus MEMO 7 tablet and I've installed a 64gb sd card. I have placed several books on the sd card already and I want to know how you can open books from the sd card without having the book first transferred to internal memory? I can go to the sd card and click on a book but rather than opening directly, it first places the book into the tab's internal memory. Is there a way to open a book directly from the sd card? Also, the books are using the pad's default reader and I would like to use Fbreader (which I have downloaded). Is there a way to set a particular reader so that it is the default reader? I like the pad very much but there must be an easier and more efficient way to open books directly from the sd card. Thank you in advance.

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    What I use here is FBReader. My eBook library is on a 32GB microSD card. FBReader was told in Settings where the directory is on the card. When I add new books, I have FBReader do a rescan to update its internal database. Reading is a matter of open FBReader and selecting a book.

    FBReader handles ePub (B&N Nook, Kobo reader) and Mobi (Amazon Kindle) nativ, and can handle PDF and DjVu via plugins, so I largely don't care what format the books are in. (It does not handle books with DRM, but I don't get books with DRM and don't care.)

    There's no particular reason to set FBReader as the default app for eBooks. Simply open it when you want to read and select the book you want to read next. If you are in a book, when you close FBReader the book you are reading and your position in it will saved, and when you open it again you'll be beck where you left off.

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    Something went wrong with my pdf reader. I wanna convert pdf to text first. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evanpan View Post
    Something went wrong with my pdf reader. I wanna convert pdf to text first. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    What PDF viewer are you using? I have two here - the open source MUPDF, and a PDF Viewer plugin for the FBReaderJ eBook viewer app. Both work fine.

    I'd look at fixing/replacing my PDF viewer before resorting to converting to text. One problem is that I'm unaware of any apps on Android that will do that. It would need to be done from Windows or Linux. Another problem is that not all PDFs will let you do that. Whether you can dump to text is an option set wen the PDF is created. A third is that even if you can dump it, all you get is the text. Any illustrations, links, and formatting on the PDF are lost. That's out for the PDFs I have and might want to view.

    Tell us what PDF viewer you use and what went wrong with it?

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