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    Tutorials for ODIN/KIES ?

    I believe I've gotten the drivers and tethering issues resolved( but then I could be delusional). NOW, could anyone recommend a good tutorial that will guide me through the process of upgrading this phone's O.S? And, BTW, how do I go about deleting/removing some of my previous posts? No one is replying so no use in having them posted!!!
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    Hello Rick. Have you got it sorted, or do you need more help?

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    Hello PECONETOO9

    NO!!! I've not accomplished a thing! This phone has some issue I'm just not able to figure out/remedy. YES, I could use all the help I could get for this phone! Before I would post all the things I've done/all the issues I've endured, you should be aware it's an extensive list and probably, in the interest of space and redundancy, I'd need to be assured 1. Your ready to take this "project" on??? 2. It would be best if I conversed with you via e-mail, at first, so we don't clutter up this thread. So, it's up to you. phone: Samusng AnyCall GalaxyS model shw-m110s running FroYo 2.2 - rooted


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    OK. Contact through my email: Please list what operating system you have, if "Windows" then what version. Thanks. Keith.

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