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    Audio enhancement breaks bluetooth

    Hi there,

    This is a piece of information you may find useful.

    I mainly use HTC phones, I also use ASUS, Blackberry and Nokia some times, in the pass few years I keep struggling with HTC for the bluetooth connecction problem. I use only A2DP sets for music and call, and I used different sets with multipoint feature, so that I can connect to my tablet at the same time, and still able to receieve call from the phone without reconnection, but this doesn't work well, only few models of BT set really support concurrent multipoint connection, that I can receive call from the phone while I watching movie on the tablet, without the need to re-connect.

    Beside the above problem I also got audio breaking up problem while streaming music from the phone, I changed phone and BT set many times trying to find a prefect match to fix that but failed, I thought it was HTC having the weakest BT signal to have caused that, coz no matter how close I put my phone to the set the audio still breaking up, sometimes even mute for couple seconds. Just before I decided to give up on HTC I find something special, while playing with the settings I turned off the audio enhancement on the phone, for example JBL Live Stage on Butterfly 2, the audio instantly become stable again. The enhancement feature affects both wired and wireless earphone, somehow there is flaw to break up the audio, HTC have to fix that, I don't have this problem on any other of my phone/tablet.
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