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    Panda theme for android and applock screen

    The most powerful lock screen with live panda&lavender wallpaper theme. Lock apps, hide important files, private and sensitive pictures, videos with applock panda theme, protect and secure your android phone privacy away from intruders, snoopers or prying eyes with panda password as PIN code or pattern as wallpaper to personalize and beautify your app lock screen. Applock theme panda supports Samsung S6, S6 edge, S7, Note 5, Galaxy series, A8, A9(2016) HTC One A5 A9 Xiaomi Huawei mate 8, p8, Nexus 5X, 6P and any other android operating system up 3.0. Install applock privacy scan & hide pic to apply panda theme. The most powerful lock screen with live panda wallpaper theme to secure your android phone privacy.
    Enjoy applock theme panda wallpaper:
    -Optimized and beautiful HD panda wallpaper to decorate applock screen
    -Fully customize android screen to apply cute and stunning panda theme for both applock and home screen
    -Apply DIY applock theme to design your own wallpaper or you can tons of beautiful and coolest theme from theme center like galaxy, chocolate, aurora
    -Enable app lock galaxy theme, never tired of your android screen
    preview3 拷贝_副本.jpg
    With applock panda theme:
    -Never worry about friends borrow your phone to play game or peep your personal information
    -Never worry about private data in some apps read by someone
    -Never worry about kids change your phone’s settings, buy games, and mess up your data
    How to change your app lock screen into panda wallpaper:
    -Apply panda theme after successfully install applock privacy scan & hide pic
    -Set digits and draw panda pattern with panda wallpaper to protect privacy
    -Safe vault to see your private and sensitive pictures, videos
    -Lock apps and hide pictures with PIN code, panda pattern, so phone privacy will be safeguarded inside applock cute panda theme
    Applock is your best app lock & privacy & security guard:
    -Lock apps: lock Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger etc. away from intruders
    -Lock Gallery and web browser to hide private pictures, videos and browsing history
    -PIN code or pattern lock, two types of password with different applock theme
    -Nobody can get access to your locked apps without your permission
    -Customize your lock mode, lock different apps under different circumstance
    Hide data inside safe vault:
    -Lock and backup important files inside file vault
    -Hide sensitive and private pictures and videos
    -Lock apps and hide data with applock galaxy theme
    Use fake cover disguise function:
    -Enable force close or fingerprint to confuse intruders or snoopers away from phone privacy
    -Enable applock icon to replace the original icon with Weather, Clock or Calculate
    Enable intruder selfie to secure phone privacy:
    -Take a selfie of intruder entering wrong PIN code, draw invalid kiss pattern
    -Capture intruders trying to breaking into your phone privacy for you
    Applock theme panda features:
    -Lock apps with panda pattern, PIN or password
    -Lock your android screen with panda wallpaper
    -Panda wallpaper to protect android phone privacy

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    Customize your app lock screen with lovely panda live wallpaper. Applock panda theme made for app lock is to personalize your android app ...

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