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    Opensource firmware android tablet

    can you suggest some developer friendly tablets ?

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    Just about any android device can be used. All you do is enable usb debugging in settings. So you should think about what device(s) you wish to target and select one that meets your needs. And you still have the emulator, of course, so you don't really have to wait. You will still want to test on as many devices as possible though. I'm not a 'proffessional' but my iconia and mytouch 4g are used as testbeds for all of my simple projects.

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    I am not talking about developing at application level , but internal one ... ie kernel hacking etc

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    Again, I'm not a 'pro' and I don't do anything with the kernel but I would think the same thing applies. Depending on what you want to do, select a machine you can root, then choose based on what you want to work on. The Android SDK has the kernel so even that is still a route you could consider and it costs nothing. You might also ask this at the XDA forums. That is a great resource:

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    Let me recap, I am looking for a device where I can flash my own build of android
    and so far only gingerbread is opensource so this makes things harder :

    I will also check the replicant project ...

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    Er... someone correct me if I'm mistaken, but *every* version of android is open source (Apache 2.0 if I'm thinking correctly). Only the google elements are closed. Keep in mind the kernel is linux, so that portion should be gpl. Sorry I was not able to help more.

    I see the issue about 3.0 being 'closed' but the fact is the kernel *is* open as it is gpl v2.

    And I just saw where ICS is released and is open (Apache 2.0)

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    So far my investigations lead me to this configuration :

    Lets wait for upcoming AOSP delivery

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    Can you suggest a tablet or convertible notebook with touchscreen with
    basic audio support
    and of course opensource firmwares with best community support ?

    So far I have identified a few devices but havent check their

    * s103t : I am hacking on that one now it could suit but pretty rare
    to find
    * viewpad10 : seems the best supported by a-x86 team
    * tegav2 : same
    * wetab : MeeGo device primary so I guess decent kernel support
    * ExoPc : MeeGo too
    * Dell Inspiron Duo : Good Kernel support
    * hp touchpad : ARM based may be harder to get kernel and driver sets
    for ICS
    * nookcolor : ARM

    Do I miss some ?
    I dont know any devices based on AMD in this range, should I wait a
    bit ?

    Any feedback is welcome

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    clarify tablet use with linux

    I want to run ubuntu on an IPad. Can I? What other tablet can I use? And what about Android? Is it already Linux based?

    Thank you, G.

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    The 10" Archos tablet also includes the Anstrom firmware, and allows you to go between this and android easily. You can replace this with your custom android firmware is you wanted. Being able to go back to the stock Android easily may be handy for debugging.

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    bump to 2014 ? what matters is hackability


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    bump to 2014 ? what matters is hackability

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