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    Angry Problem setting up email on Galaxy S2

    Has anyone else struggled to set up email on the Samsung Galaxy S2?
    My service provider in O2
    I have been on their Guru facility and had all the settings sent to me and entered them, but still nothing.
    What I am pretty sure is correct is the following:
    POP3 server - I have entered mail.(mydomainname).com and the port number, that let the phone check the settings and then moved me on to the smtp server settings.
    I have tried with port numbers of 25, 26 and 587 and only when I put in the 587 did the phone do something before coming back with a message that setup could not be completed because the server does not support authentication....
    Any one out there who might know what I can try next?
    By the way been back to o2 4 times and also been on with my domain host, who have suggested this appeal.

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    Answering my own question now!

    After a hell of a lot of messing about entering manual settings etc. all I needed to do in the end was Tap on a greyed out tick next to a statement about Premium PoP / something account and having already entered the email address and password, it started to work, what a fool I have been.......

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