Hi there,

I just updated my Butterfly 2 to Marshmallow, after couple days of use I found lot of problem, namely :

1. Power save automatically activated and dimmed the screen even with near full battery
2. Fonts size randomly changed
3. Airplane mode and Bluetooth randomly en/disable
4. Alarm clock time changed
5. Ring tones changed

The list continues.....

I reset the phone and spent half day to set things up again, but the problem still exist, I asked HTC the way to re-download the update but they said not possible, they only suggest me to start in safemode to sort things out, I don't believe there is something to do with the apps I installed, they worked perfectly on Lollipop, it was either hardware or download problem I believe, I wonder if it is possible to re-install the update manually ?

On the other hand, since my phone warranty expired long ago, I want to install CyanogenMod to it, or even the Ubuntu OS, but unfortunately they are not available for my phone, I've to stick with Marshmallow for now until I change phone.