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    Smile how to port Gingerbread on BeagleBread

    this is Rulapati.Iam a Newbie to Android .Iam very intersted inporting android.For that i have taken BeagleboardXM.on that i want to port Gingerbread(android v2.3). Can any body please help me how to perform this...does to bring up the board do v require u-boot,bootstrap.bin,uimage.bin,system.img,?first of all i tried to build froyo for neofreerunner after successful build i got kernel.img,userdata.img,system.img,ramdisk.img what r des all ment for....i ported some atmel boards for that i require u-boot,bootstrap.bin,uimage.bin .does the above also meant the same......

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    The kernel image and ramdisk image can be downloaded to your flash through an adb cable straight to the device, or through your flash memory card/micro sd card but you have to format it first based on the required filesystem of your android version. Refer to this example SDK for your guide Most of the steps there are for that particular android device only, don't do them directly to your device, as some might not be applicable.

    The kernel is the underlying android linux kernel which performs access to the hardware. The system image provides the android directory tree. The ramdisk is for the initialization during bootup.

    If your board is not compatible with or not using the current linux drivers, then you are going to have many driver customizations.


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