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    Tablets, which Brands are worth investigating/consideration?

    I've never owned a Tablet so have little/no experience with them. I have considered Asus and Motorola but it would be nice if someone here that really knows, to give me some pointers on good ones to consider.

    I would like to keep it to around $200.00 or so, but that might not be appropriate in purchasing a good one, I really don't know.

    Can a forum member help? i would like it to have a USB slot, extended SD card slot, Wi Fi and whatever else you think one should have.

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    Most have sdcard slots (check specs) good screens/video and facilitate OTG cables in the usb port for usb keys. All have WiFi. Brand name tablets have better build quality and prices as a rule. Few update the OS with any regularity. Google is an exception with it's Nexus but that has usb drive issues. If you buy cheap treat it very gently. I had a Chinese dual OS tablet & didn't go for the idea at all - then it fell apart; USB port plug wore out, and everything used started to wear, then something internal went.

    You pay for decent CPU, GPU, & Storage. It's largely pay your money & take your choice

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    ASUS ZenPad 8.0
    How big a screen do you want? I have a 8" screen and wouldn't want it any bigger , just seems a handy size. I had a Asus Zenpad 8.0 and really liked it till it had a boot up problem . if you get one , and I'd buy another, you might think twice about using a lock screen password.

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    You can get a zenpad 8 for about 127.00 or a. 10" one for around 200 or less from

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    You can several options in Samsung.

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    What do you plan to do with your tablet? Your use cases will be the prime selector in what you should buy.

    The tablet I'm currently configuring is an RCA Viking Pro 10. The goal is a smaller, lighter device that can replace a laptop when traveling. Because of that, a 10" screen was a requirement, and I wouldn't have minded a larger one. What I do tends to want screen real estate, and it's a reason I don't have a smartphone. All my phone does is calls and SMS, and that's all I want it to do. The rest is the job of something else, because it needs a bigger screen than a practical phone can have.

    The Viking Pro has a quad-core Mediatek (ARM 7 design) 1.3ghz CPU, Mali graphics driving a 1280x800 screen, 1GB RAM, 32GB storage, Wifi and Bluetooth. It has an HDMI port, full sized and microUSB slots, a microSD card slot, and a separate power jack. The documentation says the microSD card slot accepts up to a 32GB card, but is wrong. A 64GB card I got for a previous device was recognized and works fine. Apparently, the slot was converted from an SDHC slot that has that volume size limit to an SDXC slot which accepts larger volumes, but that fact never got to the folks writing the manual. It also comes with a decent keyboard, and external KB support is an absolute requirement here. I need to actually create and input reasonable amounts of text, and onscreen virtual keyboards make that actively painful.

    The full sized USB slot can be used to plug in USB thumb drives, and it will see and access the content. As a test, I plugged in a 4 port USB hub, and plugged in a USB mouse and three thumb drives. All were seen and worked.

    I got a pre-owned model off of eBay, and mine has Lolliipop 5.0 as the OS. That was deliberate - I wanted to root the device, and I haven't found a rooting solution that works on Marshmallow or later. If being rooted isn't critical to you, there is a later model with similar specs running Marshmallow.

    My usage is primarily off line, working on locally stored data, and my app selection reflects that. I enable Wifi and go online to check for app updates, check email, do a little browsing, and get stuff to/from my Google Drive. Because I am mostly not connected to the outside world, I'm not concerned about missing the security fixes in later Android releases. I have layered defenses, and don't do the sorts of things that leave me vulnerable.

    The system is not a speed demon, but is fast enough. The screen resolution is decent for viewing pictures and videos. and the screen size is adequate for things like spreadsheets.

    I suspect the device is not a good games device, but that's fine by me. I'm not a gamer, and aside from mindless things like Solitaire, don't do them on the device.

    The tablet cost me all of $40 including shipping, and thus far is worth the price. There are a few quirks relating to being rooted, but nothing that is a deal breaker. I'm pleased, and mine cost a fifth of your preferred budget limit.

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