I'm a bit confused. I used my Desktop Machine to look for an android app to enable me to download complete directories from Dropbox, istead of trying to download one file at a time . I found one called: ASTRO_File_Manager_Browser_Pro. in the Google-play store. so (still on my desktop machine,) I clicked on "install", although it seemed odd to me that it would give me that option from the desktop machine. Still, the said page where I found that app, also said that it was compatible with ALL of my 'devices'. So I gave it a try.

Nothing happened, so I thought, "Well, I guess that didn't work, but I really don't need an application like that on my desktop machine anyway, so I'll just download it to my telephone."

So I went to the telephone. When I turned it on, I found that it was already busy downloading that very .apk file!

Now, I'm a bit worried. I didn't (so far as I know) give permission from my android phone for that download. It looks to me like a huge security breach. If Google Play can do that, who else can do something similar, but with a malicious program or application? Is there good reason to think that hackers can't to the same thing? And what else can they do over the internet to my phone, without my permission?

Is there some sort of application that I can get that will at least warn me that someone is trying to do something, and ask for my permission to do it?