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    Calendar no sync on G5 randomly

    Hi there,

    My G5 is acting up lately, the calendar does not sync properly, I tried both the stock calendar and 3rd party one, even the Google calendar app they all on and off failed to sync. a repeating event is completely disappeared. I checked my other phone with the same a/c the calendar is complete and inline with the web version. I hard reset the G5 and reinstall everything then the calendar worked normally, but after couple months of use the problem came back, any idea ?

    Update : I changed phone recently I got a V20 now, I got the same problem, a repeating event suddenly disappeared from the phone, I checked the stock calendar with all 3rd party ones as well as Google's one they are all inline, the event IS missing on the phone. Then I recreated it but then I see double entry on the web, I then deleted one on the web but nothing happened on the phone and I see the correct entry. I contacted both Google and LG for this problem, but they both kick the ball back insisted nothing wrong with them, as far as I remember I only have this problem on LG phone, any idea ??
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