The genre of fighting games has never cooled down, although when playing on touch-screen devices will be very difficult to perform with great moves and combos. But with Shadow Fight 2 apk, Nekki, game makers solved the problem without sacrificing the player experience.

With some outstanding features of game for Android, developer game Nekki made game more and more attractive:
The interface is optimized on touch screens and appealing gameplay
Characters are equipped with modern and diverse weapon systems such as swords, batsmen, swords, armors and spells with
Join engaging fight.
Graphic design realistic and sharp.
More exciting new details.
Added new more weapons, armor, new spells.
Strengthen the power for your character
Upgrade the options: Allow to change settings of joystick, control settings, customize sound and game graphics.
Improve some details in the game interface.
Optimize game performance.
Fix some bugs in the old version.
Letís use hands to punch and feet to kick to attack enemies.
Jump and move when your character was attacked.
Unlock magical abilities, armor and new weapons in each level, the excitement will increase a lots. Letís use all of weapons to increase the power for warriors to to have the best combat.
All things you take on your way are counted by gem and money so letís earn so much as you can. You should use to buy new weapons and armors at store game to improve your character.

You can see some specifications for Game Shadow Fight 2:
Lastest version: 1.9.29
Publish Date: April 26, 2017
Type: Fighting game
Author: Nekki
Using for Android 3.0.
Why does shadow fight 2 app have a lot of players? It is easy to understand because of free downloading and this game has an exciting gameplay with strange graphics. Are you a fan of RPGs and you want to try to play in a new game? Letís start with Shadow fighting 2. I believe that you canít be disappointed this game.
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