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    Is Honor 8 is worth buying?

    Hey, I am looking forward to buying a decent camera phone, my budget is under 30K. I have come to know that Honor 8 is one awesome camera phone and the design as well is simply great. But I am confused among OnePlus 3T, honor 8, and an iPhone
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    If you are not brand conscious person then you can go with Honor mobile.

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    Before answering your question, let’s take a look at the wider picture and all the available options under your budget.

    The options which you have would possibly be:

    Oppo F3 Plus: Really a powerful selfie camera as it is dual. It has a 16MP rear camera, however, I found it could have been better. And photography just doesn’t depend on MP game. We can talk further about this device but I think it is already ruled out of your list of your possible future phones.

    OnePlus 3T: It seems to have amazing specifications on papers, on the contrary when it comes to operation and execution, the phone’s performance doesn’t justify the specifications mentioned. No doubt, it clicks decent images but the back cover seems so fake and gives it toy-like looks.

    Apple iPhone SE: Apple would never beat its competitors when it comes to photography. So, RULED OUT.

    Honor 8:

    Now let’s talk about the Honor 8 which was your initial choice.

    Camera: Got 12 MP dual camera. 12 MP lenses are on Honor 8 click enthralling pictures which would sure arrest anyone’s eyes who’ll gaze at it.

    One lens is for color richness while another plays crucial role in giving your image that extra clarity and sharpness which isolates your images from compromised ones.

    Surely, you don’t get to compromise on your shots clicked by Honor 8.

    On top of this, we get high-end design and looks, the parameter which this phone is unbeatable at.

    So my vote goes for Honor 8.

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    You should google your phone/model and add a line something like "problems" and/or consumer reviews. I'm not trying to alarm you, but I did read a negative review about the Honor 8 phone. Don't take my word for it! Do your own research. Good Luck

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    As my opinion Oneplus 3T mobile is best, its camera clarity, internal memory and RAM speed are good....

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