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    Hello AndroidQuestions Friends!!!!

    I guess I am just here to introduce myself, or at least get the ball rolling. My name is Earl Sharp (screen-name is almost always akaKingESS), and I am a member of as well, and also used to be more active but am still active at the I do try to stay away from Windows-based forums (I just think the questions are a little too simple to require my time most of the time I love to ask questions as I am ignorant in a lot of areas, not stupid mind you, just ignorant and will admit so, however, when I learn something I like to help answer others' questions as obviously I was there at that point too! Hope to help some and learn a lot here and and am glad to be one the first 'members'. Hope this message finds you all in good health and happy (here's to you and yours, please be safe but enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!)

    Earl (akaKingESS)
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    IMHO This is a silly forum to start from the ground up but oh well *shrug*
    Anyway Jeremy, keep up the good work on

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    Quote Originally Posted by smeezekitty View Post
    IMHO This is a silly forum to start from the ground up but oh well *shrug*
    Your invitation was open and by no means obligatory... Or, if you want it in clear language: you don't have to be here if you don't want

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    Greetings to all!

    @akakingess - know what you mean, lots of stuff to learn - which is fun!
    I'm from a Unix/Linux background, and it came as a shock to realise just what is missing in a default Android installation. No Terminal! Eeek!

    @smeezekitty - I disagree, gently. Android is another planet, compared with GNU/Linux as I know it. My atrophied BSD/SysV Skills were mosly relevant in GNU/Linux, but with Android there is seemingly a big lump of missing GNU. Linux kernel, but no bash....

    I'm off to create my own self-intro now. Always an embarassing event.

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