Hi there,

I am using my cell phone as IR remote control for my home appliance, first I used a HTC with built in IR blaster, and I installed an app called "Anymote" and it worked great, I can not only control my AV system but also electric fan and heater, then I switched to the LG G5, I simply change the IR blaster setting from HTC to Android on the app and I get back all the control no problem. Now I switched to the V20, but none of the setting works on the same app, I tried different similar apps but very few can work, and even they worked I can only used it for controlling AV stuffs no heater and fan, and the phone can't 'learn' from other remote even with the built in app, I am sure it is not a hardware issue coz it is a new phone, and I've the same problem with the G5. I email the developer but can get no response I am on my own, does anyone have experience with this ?