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    Does Android call home ?

    Hi there,

    I have used a number of Android phone and tablet, namely HTC, Motorola and Samsung, I've the same annoying problem with them when running the wifi hotspot. My PC connected to the hotspot no problem, but the response is always slow, Firefox always show 'looking for', it seems the DNS problem I don't know, but when I run the speed test I got very good response and good speed, I seem to have less problem when browsing with the phone itself. I tried different carrier but little difference, I suspect Android treat it differently when browsing with phone and running hotspot, or the call home feature slow things down, any idea ?

    Update : I installed 3 more browsers namely, Opera, Firefox and Dolphin HD, when I browse a page with the phone, the stock browser always stop at about 25%, and then continue loading after half minute or so, but some times no response after that, Opera and Dolphin also the same, Firefox seems to work better, I clear the cache to retry but no improvement, is this a common Android issue ?
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