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    How to Long Press or Right Click with Standard Remote

    I have a V88 Pro, forgot how to spell the brand. It was bought from Gearbest. I believe that was last year. I just have the standard remote that came with it right now. I want to know if it's possible, and how to do a long press/right click. I have an app that requires it. I need to do that in mouse mode, not the menu mode. It is too imprecise with this program to use another mode. This TV/Monitor is NOT a touch screen nor do I think this box supports it. Please help me so I can finish uploading my downloaded file to my ftp server, so I can download it do my other box. Thanks!

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    I figured it out! You hold down the OK button for 3 seconds. I did try holding it down, but before, it wasn't 3 seconds! Now I was able to edit my saved settings and use the proper password. This allowed me to upload my file to my ftp server, so I could download it from the other box, and install the apk file. Now flash player is on both boxes and everything is OK.

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