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    Nexus won't wake up

    I have a Nexus S which is really a Samsung Galaxy. INgeneral I'm fairly happy with it but just recentlt it has started misbehaving.

    If the phone is in standby, i.e hasn't been used for a bit and I get an incoming call, the display lights up with the red and green buttons, but I can't answer or reject the call, the screen just does not react to any touch at all. The only thing I can do is wait until the phone stops ringing and then call back if a number was shown. This doesn't happen very often, maybe once a week, but it is very annoying when it happens. I'm running Android 2.3.5 and have all the updates the phone indicates.

    Anybody have a similar issue with either a Nexus or Samsung and any ideas what might be causing it.

    Thanks for any help,
    ..the germ

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    You could try uninstalling the most recently installed apps.

    Incidentally, you are the second poster today with this issue. Please post back with the reslution. :-)

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    I haven't fixed the problem, although it seems to happen less these days, but I have found a way around it.
    If the phone won't respond to screen touches, then I hit the off button on the side. This silences the ring, but the phone really still ring. Then I hit the button again, to wake up the phone and then the screen will respond OK. This has to be done quickly before the other person gets bored/frustrated and hangs up.

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