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    Post How to Transfer Photos from HTC to HTC U12+?

    It may be out of fault tolerance, that U12+'s force feedback button needs to be pressed, and the system does not provide key pressure adjustment, which means that for most female users, it is "hard" to trigger the side button function, especially in the self timer, if you are used to the volume. Key shutter, then the 188g heavy HTC U12+ is enough to give you every new self timer "wind".

    Such "self - inheritance" provides a great beauty for the U12+. The flexible glass body has been coated with multilayer coating, even the most inconspicuous black. When the light is refracted, it glittering, as if covered with a layer of high quality ceramic glaze. Smooth surface glass can also provide a more suitable feeling for users. When U12+ holds it on hand, you can hardly feel a glimmer of glimmer, the back glass is perfectly fitted to the metal border, and only in the flagship grade products can have such a high quality grip.

    As a HTC fans, there must be a lot of old HTC users are interested in buying this new HTC U12+, however, to replace the old phone with the HTC U12+, first of all, you need to transfer all the data especial the photos between your phones. To transfer photos from HTC to HTC U12+, Phone Data Transfer can help you.

    Phone Data Transfer combines many functions in one, with the hlep of this tool, you can directly transfer all data including contacts, text messages, whatsapp messages, photos, videos, music, call logs, apps and apps data from one Samsung to another with one click, what's more, you are allowed one click to backup & restore Android data, permanent wipe all data on old Android phone by using this program.

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    Mobile Transfer can solve your problem. This is a data transfer software, with its help, you can easily and quickly transfer data from the phone to another phone.

    Transfer Data from Android to HTC U12+

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    Just follow steps below to Transfer Photos from HTC to HTC U12+ if you have a computer. First, you need a pro Phone Transfer tool. After you installed it on your computer, start it. Link both of them to computer via usb cable or wifi. It will scan both of them and display them on program window. Then you can preview and choose them to transfer directly.

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