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    What d'yall use to test?

    Inspired by akakingess's most excellent question, I'm definitely curious -

    What's a good way to test?

    * I don't want to pay any more than I already do for my (non-smartphone) service
    * I *don't* want to pay any more than $150-$200USB for an android-capable device
    * But I *do* want to experiment with Android. Using more than just the SDK emulator and Eclipse./

    Q: What's an economical hardware solution for testing?
    Smart phone or table - doesn't matter.

    Thanx in advance .. PSM

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    My only suggestion would be to shop around for a used phone. If it's only for testing, it doesn't have to be pristine. Do your research and find a device that runs Android 2.2 or later. Also, Motorola has has been pretty friendly to developers/hackers when it comes to their devices - they don't lock their phones down like some of the other brands.

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    Or you could download Virtual Box, & then download an Android ISO. As w/a Linux ISO, you should be able to install directly from the ISO into the VB.

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    I use my HTC desire phone to test , yes it takes a bit of nerve to get over the fear of turning it into a brick Once tested I can just remove it from the device. Of course I test on the AVD before deploying and testing on the phone. I recently got a tablet to develop on . That will be the next leap of faith seeing it cost many bucks .

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