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    How to transfer samsung contacts to huawei phone?

    “I recently pick up a new huawei mate 10 but I have a problem to move all the contacts from my old samsung galaxy phone to huawei mate 10. Is there any easy way to transfer contacts from samsung to huawei?” said Molly.

    Similar to Molly, many people don’t know how to transfer important data like contacts when they switch from samsung to huawei. In this post, we will walk you through 3 ways to do this.

    Method to transfer contacts from samsung to huawei:

    Phone to Phone Transfer is a desktop application for mobile data transfer and undoubtedly, it will be the most straightforward way to transfer contacts from samsung to huawei mate 10. This software will only goes 3 steps to transfer data between phone and transfer speed is fast and stable no matter if you have loads of files to transfer.

    More info:

    Transfer android contacts to huawei mate 10

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    Phone Transfer is the all-in-one yet easy-to-use data transfer tool that can directly Transfer Music, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Messages, Calendars, Apps and other files from one mobile phone to another. So, you can one click to transfer samsung contacts to huawei phone with this tool.

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    To switch from a Samsung phone to Huawei phone, the smartest way is to rely on a professional Samsung Switch Assistant - Phone to Phone Transfer (Windows/Mac). With it, you can effortlessly transfer everything you want from one phone to another.

    With the Phone to Phone Transfer tool, you can easily transfer all kinds of files from Samsung to Huawei phones, including, but not limited to, contacts, text messages (SMS), calendars, photos, music, videos, call logs, apps and more. You can select the desired file types and transfer them in batches from Samsung to Huawei with or without clearing the existing data on the target phone. There is an available button called "Clear data before copy" for you to decide whether to delete your phone data or not.

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    Switching from an old Samsung phone to a new Huawei device always meant excitement. You spend nights on research for the best specifications and the best available deals so that your purchase is perfect. If you are a hardcore Android lover, then it is unlikely that you will deviate from your choice. The happiness may end up when you realize that you need to transfer everything from Samsung to new Huawei. You know you must be careful because small mistakes can cause loss of your important phone data.

    To keep your information safe on your mobile phone, you need to spare no effort to find a reliable and 100% secure phone to phone data transfer tool to help you. Why not have a try with the MobiKin Transfer for Mobile (Mac version available)? It can make the data transfer from Samsung Phone to Huawei Phone with 1 click, without any quality loss.

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