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    Pandigital 9" Android Tablet ?

    Pandigital 9" Android Touch Screen Tablet

    Product Model Number:


    Any opinions on these as an intro to Andriod tablets ?


    Brian H.
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    I do not know about the 9" tablet, but I own a 7" white Pandigital tablet.

    Mine doesn't have camera nor mic. I can do basic browsing, without flash (so, no youtube videos etc).
    Also, no android market on mine, but plenty apps on SlideMe.

    WiFi connection is, well, chep. But, once I choose channel 11, it finds the wifi faster. I was getting message "not in range" most of the times at start up or wake up, even thou it was 7" close to router
    And used to take 30 min to connect, not 30 sec as specified in manual. I have from time to time, 1 disconnection when I go on the front porch. But re-connects itself fast again, and stays connected.
    Not sure how to explain this.

    I had no touch screen problems, for me is very responsive. Even the on screen keyboard works perfect. I did not expect I would be able to type emails from it, since I deal better with desktop keyboards.
    However, the responsivness is very good.

    No hang ups so far. It is NOT an iPad, but for under 100$ is the best option out there. I have yet to call customer support, because when I tried to update the firmware, the PC I was connected to could not read the Pandigital info.

    I run Linux system, so I cannot update at home. If you plan to buy one pandigital, make sure it has firmware update icon, to do this wireless.

    However, I am very happy with my 7" pandigital. Android system is ok. Security wise, I have no idea, but if you do not plan to download many stuff from 3rd parties, or apps without reviews, you should be ok.
    My Android version is 2.0. And is pretty stable and fast considering the money I paid. I bet newer versions are much better.
    Overall I am very happy.

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