So I've had this on the back burner for some time, since I've been busy with work, however my patience has had its final limit with this budget phone since it has managed to disable/corrupt its own access to the internet even when connected to direct WiFi Access, (as in, it pretends that there's no internet whenever it is immediately connected to the internet.) Thus having me constantly having to turn off WiFi to settle with a constant weak 144 kb/s LTE signal. And if that isn't bad enough, near since day one this phone has been trying to do back installations of malicious applications, adware, malware, (you name it,) without my administrative command. (And I've reset this phone over 5 times, with reassurance that none of this malware that I've received was due to my own actions since I've done nothing different/risky since before I've had this current phone to what I had done before to my older phone, or any other platform I had used up to this point.) I suspect this welfare phone, particularly the company manufacturer of the custom Kernel for this device has been deliberately designed with malicious back door access to 3rd parties, as this situation is only unique to the phone and no other device of my possession. Unfortunately, until I possess an additional $250 to pick up a better [or rather my own provider approved] phone, (should anyone be willing to donate, do not hesitate to spam my inbox,) I'm simply stuck to ask what I could do to root out these malware installers and replace the Kernel OS with a stable basic Android OS, with default applications. I've done most of what I can to do the surface level fixes, but it's clear this is more rooted into the internal kernel somewhere that needs the entire bios flashed over with literally anything else. Any and all advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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So far I'm just trying to clean the Junk Spam Malware installers that appears to surface on this phone and nothing else. Preferably if I can replace it with a basic Android 7.0 which the about Phone of this particular, "BLAZE_X500" seems to sport it being able to sport, anything helps.