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    Smile Arduino and android

    I hope this is the place for this post, apologies if not.

    Watching google io this year, i saw an arduino android development kit demonstrated. Does anyone know what version of the arduino board it was?

    many thanks.

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    The toolkit happens to be based on Arduino, it is an Arduino Mega 2560 compatible board that allows connecting phones over a wire to physical objects. The board can be programmed from Arduino’s development environment, and the phones can be programmed from the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). The key piece is a library that allows to easily get the Android device “talk” to the Arduino board.

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    many thanks !

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    problem already solved?

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    Android Phone which supports USB Host Mode (i.e., OTG Support) - Most devices running Android 3.1+ support this. Check if your phone does using the USB Host Diagnostics App from the Play Store. ... USB OTG Cable - You will need this to connect the USB cable of the Arduino to the micro-USB port of the Smartphone. If you want to learn and enhance your skills with the help of joining

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