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    Thumbs up defective phone or android is just super buggy?

    hi there!

    I recently switched from iPhone 4 to Motorola razr because being a full time linux user I preferred to use android instead of iphone.. but I must admit my experience has been extremely disappointing so far..

    the list of problems and anomalies keeps getting longer and longer with each day I use that phone.. some of the problems I've had so far:

    applications freezing or hanging up.. the music player is the most notorious for freezing.. sometimes I launch it and it freezes for something like 30 sec or so before it goes on.. same while I scroll the playlist.. scrolling sometimes freeze and requires several seconds to resume.

    once while I was browsing the web the whole phone froze solid and no buttons worked. the touch screen was not responding. normally I would have simply pulled the battery out to reset the phone but that's impossible with the razr.. the battery is internal. the only choice I had was to let the phone drain itself until it shut down.

    I just noticed a new problem with the battery indicator.. a few minutes ago the phone was plugged on the AC to charge up but when I unplugged it, the battery symbol kept flashing green with the little white electrical symbol like when its charging.. I went to the battery info and it said that the phone was charging.. it was unplugged at that time. I decided to shutdown and strangely the phone shut down but automatically restarted by itself..

    other issues are with applications crashing: so far i can pretty much pretend that every single app has crashed at least once.. the music player, the web browser, the calendar app, the email app, and multiple other system processes (com.Motorola.....)

    typing this post on the razr is hellish.. the razr seems to have major troubles dealing with the text box embedded on this web page.. if i tilt the phone to landscape I lose the cursor and the screen keeps moving to the right side making typing impossible as I can't see what I'm typing..

    the email app seems to have problems with the Gmail server pushing emails.. often I will not receive anything for hours when suddenly I do a manual fetch and I get dozens of emails at once.. I Google's this and I'm not the only one to experience this problem. for a phone owned by Google, an OS built by Google, an email service built by Google, I'm not too impressed.

    overall this phone seriously impacted my day to day productivity as I spend valuable time avoiding limitations or other issues plus I've totally lost my confidence and reliability.. the iPhone might have been locked up but it never behaved like this and never crashed..

    am I the only one to have a hard time with android 2.3.5? do I have a defective phone? is android that buggy? I'd appreciate any help...


    edit: I also forgot to mention that twice so far the phone had lost all connectivity (both Bluetooth and cellular ) and required a reboot to work again..) the battery was around 65% at that time and there are no smart actions that disable the data sync when the battery is low..

    I've already contacted Motorola to inform them of my misfortune with the razr but haven't heard back yet..
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    Android is nowhere near that buggy. Swap it out. Either Warranty or Insurance. Might be good to unroot and restore to factory before you take it in to swap out.

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    to unroot how do you do that? ill exchange the phone under warranty with my cell phone carrier but I fear they simply ask me to deal directly with Motorola which implies that I will have to wait for some time, which I cannot afford to do because my cell phone is my only phone..

    I'm doin I will have to prove that the phone is defective which will be difficult to do because most of the problems I've experienced are giving the impression to be software and not hardware related.. they might just try to blame android which will leave me with no options but to deal with motorola directly..

    I guess the only option I have is to try with my carrier first and if it doesn't work I will come back through the phone replacement under the warranty..

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    If you haven't taken specific actions to root your phone then you don't need to worry about it.
    Swapping out at your cell phone company depends o the company policy and how long you have had your cell phone. If you are paying for insurance just call in and tell them about your problems and they will send you a new phone and then you just send your old phone back in the same box.

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    OK I've replaced the device, and this one seems better, but I'm still not totally satisfied with the way it behaves.. I am not very demanding but I only demand that a phone be reliable.. So this replacement device seems more stable and I experience less crash but I still have some serious issues which may or may not be related to the OS, the hardware, or the SD card I am using..

    Since I got the replacement device, I experienced:

    *Music application repeatedly crashing (especially while scrolling up/down the albums list). The app will crash and relaunch automatically..
    *Gmail sometimes stops to sync and that can last for hours.. I double checked that I was getting emails and yes I was, but somehow the phone did not get the updates from the gmail server (I use push from server). Manually refreshing the inbox also failed with the little blue spinning logo spinning for minutes until I got a message like : "Error while communicating with the following server:"
    *The maps application couldn't find the city of Toronto (Canada) (!?!) I rebooted the phone, and BAM! it worked..

    The worst bug happened yesterday while I was driving: The music app crashed and I went back to the home screen. Then, the screen started to play the animation when you exit an app and go back to the home screen over and over again.. It was doing that while being in any apps or screens. Difficult to explain, but it was very strange... I rebooted the device, and it was fine.

    Do people experience similar problems or am I the only one?

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    As a follow up ( I know this forum doesnt have a lot of traffic) I have upgraded to ICS 4.0.4, better but far from perfect. The music app crashing was definitely a bug of Gingerbread. Gmail problems were relating to the cache settings. Once cleared, thing were better but not for long.. The maps app not finding main cities and such, this is also a bug or cache related. Cant blame android for this one as it could be GPS related or on the service provider's side..

    For the graphical glitches, its not much better on ICS. The OS is slow like hell and the battery lasts about 6 to 8 hrs at best from 100% charge.... ps -A and top are not showing any processes using CPU at max capacity so I assume its a deep problem in android ICS. Same for lots of folks out there..

    Overall, I am very disappointed with android, and even more with motorola's support. Either they are overwhelmed and need to hire an army of programmers to clean android, or they are clueless.. At any rate, going back to Apple as soon as my contract expires... My 2 cents.

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