Making or outsourcing is one of the major conflicts that occur in business organizations in recent days. Well, it is subjective to a number of factors and the decisions about the same are taken after considering a number of things. Recently, I am posed with the same conflict in my current architectural project that I am working on. I have got to the idea that 3d modeling can be one of the things that would make me able to present my design of the project with a better understanding and could help me out in better attraction but here I am unable to decide whether it would be a good idea to outsource 3d modeling or not? I mean there are two options one is to hire a 3d modeler that can make the modeling for me in the house and the other is to outsource it. I want to get suggestions on what looks best. If you are suggesting or recommending please keep in mind two things. The first is that I want the quality to be good and the other is that I want it to be cost-effective and for these things which option should I use?