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    Motorola Razr HD (xt926), Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 5 (a577vl), (neither device elevation)

    1.) I want to root, custom recovery, debug, custom kernel, and update to custom Android 9 every phone. It is likely impossible to achieve, how do I do this? The chip is Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 Plus.

    Link to Motorola Razr HD XT926 Bug Report:!rO4wUCyR
    Decryption Key: bVWsSYsgImDWo9GO9RF7vGiooF2_lEswcF0KW3LXpYw
    With decryption key:!rO4wUCyR!bVWsSYsgI...EswcF0KW3LXpYw

    This is the Arm/ArmV7 instruction set:

    2.) Is there a way I can change a 1 to 0 in the security register, and a 0 to 1 in a debug register?

    I also have an Alcatel (OneTouch HD, a577vl, Pixi 5) from Walmart that would be a cheap phone ($30) with a 4 core processor, but I am unable to force it to fastboot mode. the chip is Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 (MSM8909) not the Mediatek chip.

    DEBUG LOG:!mT523Aqa
    DECRYPT KEY: 0HxoGoywz3xsvE8A1gGhVgc5wh18wCsME-i5-uCzqYk
    LOG+DECRYPT KEY:!mT523Aqa!0HxoGoywz...CsME-i5-uCzqYk

    Info, not debug log:!uXYkUIAB
    Decryption Key: 804i26hnIh0URkpt9HezG_4BrXMGrC0jWeZnu0pZV0c
    With decryption key:!uXYkUIAB!804i26hnI...C0jWeZnu0pZV0c

    3.) My OpenSuse Leap 15 (64bit) install went into fail mode, yet unresolved. It is something to do with the IP configuration, b43 version.

    Debug log for OpenSUSE Leap 15 on Dell Inspiron n5110 with grub, windows 7 64!6SZCWYrR
    Decryption Key: Vr1GRbsJ91sDKOn3bcvmHCt3ypp30wCjudSm90MhtQc
    With decryption key:!6SZCWYrR!Vr1GRbsJ9...wCjudSm90MhtQc

    The windows hardware id is: PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4315&SUBSYS_000C1028&REV_01
    and device instance path is PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4315&SUBSYS_000C1028&REV_01\5B280 4FFFFF7701A00

    Thank you sincerely.
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