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    Introducing Android Training

    [This post is by Reto Meier, Android Developer Relations Tech Lead. — Tim Bray]
    Today Im thrilled to announce the beta launch of Android Training**a collection of classes that we hope will help you to build better Android apps.
    From designing effective navigation, to managing audio playback, to optimizing battery life, these classes are designed to demonstrate best practices for solving common Android development problems.
    Each class explains the steps required to solve a problem, or implement a feature, with plenty of code snippets and sample code for you to use within your own apps.
    Were starting small and this is just the beginning for Android Training. Over the coming months we will be increasing the number of classes available, as well as introducing over-arching courses and sample apps to further help your development experience.
    Helping developers build great apps is what the Android Developer Relations team is all about, so were excited to see how you use these classes to make your apps even better.
    Wed love to know what you think of these classes, and what classes youd like to see next.


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    Android is unlike any other mobile development platform or Java-based environment. *Triple Bottom Line’s Android webinar *will immerse students in the Android platform, leveraging their existing Java expertise, and allowing them to walk away from the class ready to build Android GUIs and related components.On the first class you will write your first Android Activities. Through the rest of the week you will be progressively introduced to more and more of what Android has to offer – services, multitouch, and system search services. You will apply this knowledge with working code every step of the way. Be ready to work hard and learn a lot in this intensive, hands-on, five day introduction to programming with the Android platform.

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    LearnMax offers the complete training solution to train your trainers according to industry standards. It ensures that your trainers are trained on everything they need to know in Technology.

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