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    Android/Linux on OTHER phones: Specs and Process

    I have seen it all, Backtrack 5 on Android Phones, Linux on iPhones and iPods. I have also read that many phones use Linux kernels as a base for their OS, and based on the comparative system requirements such similar software must have, also taking into consideration similar drivers possibly for similar hardware, I think it is rather feasible that one could take a newer touchscreen phone with decent hardware specs and run some version of Android or Linux on it.

    So, lol, of course I have a newer touchscreen phone; it is the Samsung Seek Sph-m350 (HW:m350.05) and I cannot get hardware specifications for it (RAM, internal memory, CPU freq, etc.) anywhere, I even registered my product with Samsung and talked to online support and two different 'teams', which got me nowhere. I had read that the minimum requirements for Android were something like 32 MB RAM, some amount of internal memory and 200MHz processor, although I don't know if this is accurate or what version of Android it was referring to.

    If anyone could help explain to me how to maybe determine the hardware via software scanner & USB connection (cant find an app, not sure if java is capable of that), and what the process of installing a new operating system on a mobile phone entails, I would be pleased to read your thoughts.
    I do however know that my phone runs the java environment MIDP 2.1 and CLCD 1.1, so perhaps that is a clue as to what sort of level hardware my phone is running?

    I have also taken my phone apart entirely before, examining the circuit boards for any scrap of useful information but all I found was Qualcomm printed on everything. Just in case anyone though to suggest opening it up, Ive gotten to that point already lol. & yes, it still works.
    Edit 2:
    I have found on my /brewshared/ directory on my phone a file called flashlite2_1_symbian_s60V2_FP3.SIS, if that helps. I'm not sure but I think this is the OS image?
    Thanks for any help,

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    It says here that the seek has 128MB of RAM and 256MB ROM. So, assuming that's true, would it be possible to get any version of Android installed on my phone? Would there be hardware/driver issues?

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    your operating system is symbian.

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    Above please find a link to Wikipedia with all kinds of info and links to additional specifications.

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