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    running "Nook Color" from a bootable micro-SD card

    I have a Nook(R) Color(TM) running with the bootable micro-SD "distro" provided by
    There are other ways to get a bootable uSD card than to buy from a vendor. The end result is a Nook Color
    device that one uses as a "tablet" not a "book reader".

    I'm interested in hearing from others who are doing the same.
    • problems & solutions
    • apps and uses
    • interconnections with phones or laptops

    In general, I want to learn whatever I can to make my use more effective and share what I learn
    with others with similar interests.

    ~~~ 0;-Dan

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    I'm running a Nook Tablet(not Color) 16GB without an SD(at the moment). (Rooted with available from 12GB of the disk is available after rooting(1GB prior, of course). I see this as being the biggest benefit. Additionally, having control to install applications from Google Play is a fantastic addition. I have since moved all of my major social networking, games and reading off my smartphone in favor of this, allowing me to be more productive with my phone.

    1 problem I find in this setup is that there's compatability issues with Google Play; I'm unable to install certain apps because of this. I have gotten around it by downloading older copies of official apks from other sources and then using Google Play to update them. Potentially dangerous, definitely not always the cleanest, but it's been working for me so far.

    I use my tablet in the office to manage Windows and *nix systems over RDP and SSH; both have functioned flawlessly. I also use it to manage calendaring, email and regular note-taking. Avast Antivirus has a suite with additions specifically for rooted devices to help secure them. I'm looking forward to take the time to mess with cyanogenmod soon to see what real differences may exist. I'm content with the OS as is. My only concern obviously is that i'm in violation of my warranty agreement, but all the power I've gotten out of this since I've done this? I'm having a difficult time feeling guilty

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    I have a similar set up. Very Happy with it. First thing is to avoid upgrades of software or firmware. What may be working suddenly won't after a 'update' so find some software first which will allow backup of you working apps. I use Titanium Backup. All my software is free, but I want to encourage paid apps but haven't paid for apps yet because I never know if it's going to run on my system. Best things I've found lately is SlideMe Market place. As I suspected most applications will run on my tablet but the Android Market Place by Google Play recognizes my tablet as a Nook Color and doesn't often allow downloads. The SlideMe works around this many times. The next best app I've found lately is samba which allow file transfer via wifi with your home network, no B&N cable needed. I can download apps via my Win XP desktop and then drag and drop them onto my tablet to install.

    I still need a work around for the apps I can't load because Google Play sees my tablet as a nook color. Anyone?

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    Cyanogen Mod 7 on Nook Color

    I'm running Cyanogenmod 7 on my nook color.
    These are the instructions with download links that I used:

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    after reading the suggested post can you identify the steps that allow use of Google play as a Cyanogenmod 7 and NOT a nook color. Many applications in Google Play see my tablet as a nook color and say 'incompatible'. If I use another market such as Amazon or Slide Me the same app will load and run fine.


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