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    Changing Icon For Applications When A Notification Is Received?

    I've noticed when using my newish Galaxy W that text messages show a number on the top right of the icon when I have unread messages, but messages sent to other messaging applications (e.g. Kik, Skype, Facebook) do not. Is there any way to enable this behaviour?

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    You could go into the market and send queries to each of the developers to see if they nclude the feature or might be willing to add it in a future update. Not sure but I think facebook does this alreaudy.

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    Facebook doesn't do that for me yet. They're feeling lazy. haha. It would seem that not many people are interested enough in it. The devs won't put that effort unless a significant amount of people request it. Maybe you could find a group that will email blast the devs of the apps you want

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    Yeah, me too. The only App I know that does this is Go SMS

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    hmm... me too. i also think go sms.

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