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    how to manually install addons for the android firefox browser?

    hi ,

    i noticed that fennec (the firefox version for android) doesn't have proxy capabilities such as those found on PC versions ...etc
    and when i attempt to install an extension called proxy mobile i get an "installation failed" error ......i've noticed that i just can't download the .xpi file at all to my phone however i can download and install other addons ..

    so i'm trying to manually do the job after having downloaded the .xpi file from the PC , but how do i do it ??


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    Manually Install a Firefox Add-on. Learn how to install a Firefox add-on from a downloaded extension or theme file.

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    install proxy mobile from the guardianprojects website. allow the site to install or install it from the firefox addon site.

    works great with orbit (tor for android).

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    It may be that the plugin was not optimized or modified for mobile.

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    go to android add ons and install it.

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