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    What is "Daily Take" and how to remove it?

    I've started getting notifications from something called The Daily Take. Can anyone tell me where this comes from and how to remove it? I've looked in the applications manager and do not find anything with this name or something similar. I suspect that it is scum-ware added by some app that I loaded as part of ad-ware support plan. Ugh!

    Someone please help!?
    ~~~ 8d;-/ Dan

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    Does it appear to relate to a game called Mafia Wars?

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    It could be a push advertisement by one of your games. GLU games does a lot of this.

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    I believe you can download an app that allows you to permanently opt out of any airpush ads

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    probably it came from one of the apps you downloaded before. try uninstalling some of those and i hope you can found which app it came from.

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