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    Why some android tablets, not all, don't mount in linux easily


    I had an experience with two tablets this year. I am using linux full time with no windows in my computer.

    Anyway, I purchased a Sony S series tablet that wouldn't mount for the life of me. I returned it and got a refund. I then purchased an archos tablet and it mounted fine. So I kept it.

    Why do companies like Sony lock linux users out. I mean, the tablet is using a linux kernel and should be linux compatible. I read online the remedy for tablets that don't mount is to install Android SNK tools/patform and write a udev rule for the tablet.

    Has anyone ever purchase a tablet that didn't mount in linux like a mass storage device and used the step above? If so, does it work?

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    craig tablet 2.2
    You don't say what Linux Os you are using. I have found some linux os have a hard time mounting some devises and others are very easy.
    How long have you been using your Os?
    Also your tablet may have a setting for the storage use when connected the usb port.

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    Sorry, I took a while to reply. I mostly hang out at

    Anyway, I'm using crux linux. The archoos tablet did mount without problems.

    I put PClinuxOS on a spare partition on my system. The Sony S tablet wouldn't mount, but the archos did. The archos tablet worked fine on both crux and on PClinuxOS.

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    samsung galaxy y young

    Module not loaded.

    I experience not loading the module for usb-storage for my samsung galaxy y.
    Either I rerun
    modprobe usb-storage

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GT-P3113TS
    I have ubuntu and a samsung galaxy tab 2 ... Sometimes it would mount and other times not ... It took me forever to figure it out.
    For USB options on my tab(Settings->Storage->USB connection option), I was mounting as a camera so it would try to first mount the tablet system then from there mount the extSD. The security setting stopped this from happening, as the SD when inserted to the tab is a read-only system (according to ubuntu) ... If I take out the microSD and insert it in a SD-adapter it reads on the computer just fine so I knew it wasn't a read-only.

    Solution? In the tabs USB setting, I changed it from CAMERA to MEDIA. After that it auto mounted everytime, twice actually. It mounts GT-P3113 (the tab) and GT-P3113 (the sd card).

    Don't know if that offers much help to you, but it's all the help I can offer on this subject.
    Best of luck

    edit: sorry for raising an old post, didn't notice how long ago this was.

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