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    Samsung Admire - A Strange banner type SMS from metropcs on a new phone


    Yesterday, I purchased a Samsung Admire from MetroPCS at BestBuy.

    I did not activate the phone yet nor created an account. I've been using my home's wifi to surf the web.

    Anyway, I turn on the phone this morning and there was a thank you for payment type banner. There was no mentioned of the amount paid or the phone number of the phone.

    Is this an auto generated pop up of metropcs's phones sort of like a preview of when you pay the bill or what?
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    My gut feeling is this is just an auto generated pop up, a sort of preview when you pay the bill.

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    My gut feeling was correct. It was just a banner that pops ups with other banners of metropcs services. So I am relief.

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    Glad you got it worked out.

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