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    budget Android device for Ebook reader

    Hi, i am interested in buying amazon kindle keyboard, but since its not available now, i am considering buying a cheap tablet instead of the 80GBP non keyboard kindle, as i value keyboard....and if its not there..hell lets just buy a tablet!

    budget: 80~90gbp
    Main purpose: ebooks , audio books [should be able to get books from amazon market place] though I may also load non amazon ones.
    Supplementary purpose: the more the merrier :gmail, facebook, chatting .

    Screen quality: it shouldnt be absolutely horrible. descent, kindle or kindle esque is ok.
    ....but tablets are coloured? : well so i am saying shoulnd be very poor, decent like that of a cheap laptop is acceptable

    video playback: more the merrier, but happy if it plays 360p youtube vids!
    batterylife: 7~8 hours (or more the merrier!)

    PS: I am an ultra noob when it comes to android powered devices/tablets.

    i am aware that there is an ereader app for android, how is it? is it kindle comparable? or not as good?

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    Not knowledgeable about Kindle, but there is a Kindle app for Android. Just went into the Android market and downloaded Moon Reader. Seems to be feature rich and easy to use. Guess I need to look for a book like Android for Dummies. :-)

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    The difference between a Kindle e reader and a tablet is that a Kindle goes about 2 weeks between battery charges, a tablet about 8 hours max. The Kindle is reflective rather than backlighted and can easily be read outdoors. Also it is very light weight and easy to hold.

    I consider my Kindle a perfect device for reading. It does only one thing and does it very well indeed. It won't play videos.

    Kindle Fire is a tablet, relatively cheap at $199, with a sensational screen and lots of apps available. This might be your choice if you want videos.

    I have both.

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    convert kindle to ubuntu tablet?

    Is it possible to get a reliable tablet device that runs Ubuntu by converting a Kindle?


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    Highly doubt it, since Android is Google's version of Ubuntu for touch screen devices. You would be taking a step backwards to try and do what already has been done to the device. I haven't done it myself but I've read that it is easy to root the Kindle Fire.

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