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    Where are the unwanted apps I cannot remove coming from?

    Are these coming from the carrier or the phone maker?
    We have 2 LG Ally phones on Verizon at our house, and they are becoming unusable.
    I know they are limited, but we liked them while they worked. Screen is better than many newer smart phones.

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    What is the name of the apps that you want to remove.?
    Did you try, menu, settings, applications, manage application, '"The Application, uninstall?

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    I think I tried all that, John, but I will take another look.
    More later....

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    maybe it's from the apps you put?

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    Nothing I put on the phone is a problem. Those I can remove. I mean apps like facebook (1.8 meg and uninstall is greyed out) and others that have been put on the phone by my carrier or by Google.
    I want to use my trusty old Ally on WiFi (no longer on my phone service).
    It hasn't much memory, and I want only apps I actually use.

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