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    Alternatives to pushdoc to wirlessly drag and drop files between linux and android

    I was using pushdock for a while its cool coz it easily make me able to transfer files from my pc (ubuntu) to android via a java app, which drag and drop files through this app.
    but sometimes this app wont work for me and its looks buggy so I need an alternative for drag and dropping files between android and pc

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    look at drop box. i use it to transfer files between my android phone and win7, dual boot linux

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    There are a lot of other as well. We have Google Drive, Asus webstorage,
    There's plenty to choose from. You can even use all of them to maximize the free space you get.

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    If you just want to transfer files locally, without using a cloud service, then Airdroid might be useful for you. It creates a little web server on your phone, and then you can access all your phone files on the PC via your browser. As it's all browser based, it doesn't matter what OS your PC is using, I use it on Mageia Linux and Windows XP. Works a treat, and all the data stays on your local network.

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