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    My real name is Oktoberfest


    Like most that post here, I'm new as well. I'm the proud owner of a Motorola Atrix since friday, and like us Germans (I'm from Munich, student, 25yo) say: I got it like the maiden got a child. I mentioned in good company that my old BB8310 had croaked half-way (no data connection over USB...), and a friend just slid the Atrix over the table and said 'I only used it once just now, and I like my iPhone better'.

    Well then, here I am, an avid protector of personal data and a verbose enemy of Google, using an Android phone, feeling the rush when suddenly...

    root@box:/home/vinter# adb forward tcp:7778 tcp:7778
    root@box:/home/vinter# ssh localhost -p 7778
    root@localhost's password: 
    Linux localhost #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr 11 23:11:11 CST 2011 armv7l
    ... and the cursor blinks. It's like my first Linux box, my first running program, my first hack all over again - unless this time, it has the added dirty pleasure of feeling oh so wrong.

    So, my phone's up and running, contacts are dribbling in, there are several servers running and the interface is setup so every pixel is like I wanted it, which is a first time ever for me. Market has become boring, I'm already automatising stuff with Tasker and asking about scripting, and I'm guessing I'll soon want more. Can't help to shake off the feeling that I've sold my soul for that, but screw it, I dreamed about that anyways, and an Atrix seems like a good trade.

    Unluckily enough, as I said, I'm a student, and a poor one as well, in monetary respect at least. Thus, I don't have a flatrate and can't afford any apps, so I'll be forced to using the mobile's web capacities at my frats dorm or at random WiFis I find around the city. This may make for a limited experience, but it's definitely better than nothing.

    Let's just see where this takes me.

    PS: I should probably mention that this phone was given to him as a gift by his uncle, who is a higher-up at Motorola, and that he was told it is not a final model. He was, however, permitted to give it away, as long as he didn't sell it, so I guess there's nothing secret about it and I can do whatever I want with it, right? And will I have to take any special precautions w/ root etc?

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    Woz said (in slashdot) that the future for the inner tinkerer in you (or anyone for that matter) is in apps. Don't worry there a lot of free and fast loading apps in the android landscape and easy to download and too.

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