We’re currently using software that sends out emails with a link for approval. There is approval button (link) embedded in the email sends the link back with text like the following noting the approval:


This works fine for email replies or forwards from Outlook on workstation or on other phones and even apparently worked on an earlier version of the OS on the Motorola Atrix android phone. (Unfortunately I don’t know what version that was. The ones we’ve tested that have the issue are both 2.3.4 and 2.3.5.)

On the Atrix android phone when the mail is replied to or forwarded it is wrapping tags around the numeric portion above apparently thinking it is a telephone number. This is causing the automated system that receives the approval to reject it as improperly formatted because it is reading the text and the tags. An example is below:

Sent from my MOTOROLA ATRIX™ 2 on AT&T

Does anyone know a way to make the phone NOT do put such tags on the numeric portion of the NID text?

The email is being read/responded to on the Android connection to our Exchange server via the internet.