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    how to run java script

    I have to display webpage with java script with browser on my newly bought galaxy note. Can anybody help please?

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    first you need to be connected to internet, second you need to open webbrowser, if you don't have one installed you can install Chrome in Android Market.

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    I used the Internet browsert come with Samsung Galaxy. When opening pages with java script, it prompted that I do not have java script installed.

    I tried to click on INSTALL Chrome with the Galaxy Note, It hithlighted that "This item cannot be installed in you device,s country" and the Device listed "MAXIS Samsung GT-N7000" is dimmed.

    Thank you

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    Open up the Android Market and search for javascript
    Download javascript from the market and it should install in your browser.

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    I tried search the android marker. no javascript plug in available. can anyone help provide link?

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    Firstly check settings of your browser .
    enable java
    if dsnt help download operamini from.
    select from there the latest available for android.
    now install it and go to its setting and tick enable java.
    if the opt. is nt there dnt worry try browsing sometimes it by default selects java

    and it will 100% work

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