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    Android and MS Exchange email

    Hi there,

    Has anyone got MS Exchange to work with an Android phone? I used to have a blackberry which connected to my work email without any problems. My new phone has Android Ice Cream Sandwich (the same situation is on my colleagues' phones with older android systems) and I've been trying to get it work for a few weeks now.

    Blackberry phones have no problem connecting (very easy). Iphones connect as well (slightly more tinkering with settings). It's just Android phones that I can't get to work with MS Exchange server.

    I've tried the trial version of TouchDown for Smartphones but it didn't connect either.

    Any hints?

    Thank you

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    Try MailDroid. It's got ads but is a free app and easy to set up.
    If you don't mind dishing out $20 for the paid versions, go for Moxier Mail or Touchdown.

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