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    About Groove IP lite 1.0.0

    Hello everybody

    I've installed groove ip lite and it works great. I can send and receive phone calls over wifi.

    I have one issue though -- when I call my bank to check my account and I press 1 for this and 2 for that...etc it works great.

    However when I am asked to enter my account number the virtual operator says "I'm sorry I can't acess the account right now blah blah".

    When I call my bank on a landline or cellphone it works fine. Does groove IP lite has a limitation when entering account numbers or long digits? Has anyone experience this with groove IP lite or the paid version?

    I appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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    Issue resolved by purchasing Groove IP 1.2.18

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    Hello, I need your help. I too have groove ip (the paid version) and I haven't had such good luck. I find I get echoing effects, dropped calls, and recipients constantly complain that the call is "breaking up." What do I need to do here? I have a Samsung Exhibit ii 4G which reputedly handles groove ip just fine. Any help you can offer me will be much appreciated! I read responses like yours that are so enthusiastic and I just can't get my phone to send or receive a clear signal. Please--anything you can suggest, I'm willing to try! Thank you in advance.

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