Hi there,

I got a Sensation XE and it got random reboot problem, it is running on 2.3.4 which is the current official release, the reboot occurs randomly I can't be sure the cause, and when it reboots it will keep rebooting few times before stop. Some times the 'tell HTC' icon will show up but some times not, some times it reboots when I unlock the screen (from black screen) with the press on the power switch. I do have lot of apps installed, but no apps installed just before the reboot, it is so hard to tell what went wrong, and it doesn't look like battery contact problem, the phone reboots even with USB power. If I ask HTC they will simply ask me to hardreset the phone, and I will have to reinstall everything. I suppose there is a log or something I could take a peek about what went wrong just before the reboot, any idea ?