Hi there,

I am using a Senation XE and it got some annoying problem with the Bluetooth.

I tried lot of different BT handsfree sets, all support A2DP, but all of them randomly disconnect either the phone part or the media part, so that I could not pick up call when I am listening to music.

The other problem is, when using the original dock, I setup the 'dockmode' so that, when the phone is in dock it will connect to a particular 'indoor' BT set, but when it is out of the dock and connected to the 'outdoor' BT set and I am long way from home, it still asks in every few minute, if I want to connect to the 'indoor' BT set, until I reboot the phone, this is extremely annoying and I reported to HTC, but they can't get answer yet, any idea ? I think the problem is, the dockmode does not undo things when not in use.