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    Rooting my HTC Hero: Some Guidance Needed

    Hi. I've got an HTC Hero I bought about 1.5 years ago as part of a mobile package. I want to take control of my phone, and also to be using free software. I already installed F-Droid and am using some free software, but as I understand it I need to root my phone to get some additional levels of control.

    I did an on-line search and started following this "one click" guide:

    However, I've had some issues. Following each of the steps, I eventually got to the point where I had flashrec-1.1.3-20091107-2.apk and recovery-RA-hero-v1.7.0.1.img loaded on my flash card. I couldn't use the recovery file specifically mentioned in the guide because it was hosted at megaupload and of course those guys have been (brutally, unjustly) shut down by the feds. But I preceded anyway to install and open the flashrec program.

    However, when I followed the instruction to click on the Backup Recovery Image button, the app tells me "Backup FAILED: Could not run command." So now I am afraid to continue because, if the program can't properly backup an image, how can I be sure it will properly burn one?

    Should I continue anyway? Should I be using some different rooting application? I would appreciate any guidance.

    Some info:

    * The flash app indicates that my Phone type is EBI1/32A.

    * I got flashrec from here: <>

    * I got the recovery image from here: <>

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    Try to use superoneclick. That is the easiest method of rooting an android device i've seen so far. If you are ever worried about if you should do something or not... DON'T DO IT! Better to have a working device with a few things you'd like to change than a really expensive brick.

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    i heard about superoneclick before but i haven't tried it. so i'm not sure if it's good or not. maybe you can also ask some forums about it?

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